"Human, Building and memory" Painting series between 2007 and 2018

"Cornfield Scenery" Video 2017

"Sky" Photo installation 2017

"Listen to the nature" Video 2017

"Modification" Plexiglas print 2017

"Extraordinary" Video 2017

"Dreaming through the straw 1" Photo print 2017

"Dreaming through the straw 2" sculpture 2017

"You name it" Video 2015

"Jelly, One Dollar" Installation 2015

"Indispensable fascination of jelly" Video 2015

"Playing house" Video 2011

"Press" Stop motion video 2010

"Bes tas" Video 2008

"Tea ceremony" Video 2007

"Hooked" Video 2007

"The creator" Video 2007

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