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Hasırca Farm

Single channel video 1'38" 2021

The Hasırca Farm Project focuses on the relationship between memory and the architectural structure of an abandoned place. The memory and traces of the space shape the narratives of historical testimony. The experimental audio narration has been produced as a result of research into the physical reality of the building (textures, colors, smells, the position of the surfaces and sounds) and the memory of this architectural remnant.


Hasırca Farm has been completely idle for almost twenty years after being used as a horse and turkey farm for years. There are more than one obsolete buildings on the farmland. Experimental sounds were investigated in one of the baths in this farm where natural spring water exists. The influence of Byzantine architecture is seen in the plan of the bath in question. There is a pool in the middle of the bath, which feeds on a hot water source. This pool has managed to stay clean by constantly renewing itself. The water in this place witnesses the gradual decrease in the relationship between nature and human. The resistance of water in the face of ruin and destruction continues to exist as the most vivid witness of memory.

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